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Christmas 2014 Promo for products on Realroids.com

We are in the middle of the holidays and realroids Santa has a big bag full of Christmas gifts.

We are celebrating with you this Christmas and we give you 10% off for all orders including bulk.
Also Santa do not forget a GIFT for you that can be choosen by yourself.


<200$ 10%     and     Esculap

10% and one of  
                     Strombafort 10
                     Danabol 10
                     Testosterona P
                     Testosterona E
                     Testosterona C   

>400$<700$ 10% and one of  
                     Nandrolona D
                     SP Propionate
                     Winstrol Depot
                     Clenbuterol 40


10% and one of  
                     Tamoximed 20
                     Strombaject Aqua
                     Strombafort 50
                     Anastrozol 0.25mg


10% and one of  
                     Primobol Inj
                     SP Masteron
                     Trenbolone Forte 200

Note: Please indicate the gift in comment of the order.