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Test P - Propandrol

5 x 1ml amp (100 mg/ml)
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Testosterone propionate ester can be an alternative of testosterone, with a fast-acting inside blood vessels, the effect is attained withinside 24 - 36 hours, then decreases. Will be stored in the body for 2-3 nights, resulting in a minimal bloating, raises the durability of the muscle groups.

Any problem with this kind of medicines is the fact that it requires to be inserted regularly and will annoy the particular injection site. 

Optimum dosage for men will be 50-100 mg each day. In case you want to lessen injections may be offered as well 100-200 milligrams each couple of days. The injection site is consistently changing to reduce this pain.

Negative effects tend to be poorer, hyper vulnerable people may produce acne breakouts, baldness, hair regrowth on the human body, perhaps water and fat preservation, violence, may also gynecomastia. This particular steroid just isn't dangerous to the lean meats. Since it is an androgen hormone exists the chance regarding developing abnormality, a great anti-estrogen should be used in case the signs of abnormality appear.


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