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Happy US Independence Day 2021
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Hilma Biocare is a European scientific and research pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that is manufacturing products in India.
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A very Happy New Year 2021
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Promo for Magnum Laboratories, Genetic Pharmaceuticals, Zerox Pharmaceuticals, and Ice Pharmaceuticals products on Realroids.
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Independence Day 2020
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We decided to close this month June 2020 with great promotion.
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The new promo for Dragon Pharma products for Memorial Day in the USA
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Only for European Customers, we opened a delivery for Ice, Genetic and Zerox products
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No delay with delivery during the Coronavirus.
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Valentine's Day on
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Christmas time is slowly and inevitably approaching, so we've prepared some good prices for the US and the EU customers!
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Christmas promotion for ZPHC Pharmaceuticals and Spectrum Pharma products.
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We are happy to announce the month of promotions.
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Good news for all that use PCT and HGH products.
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