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SP Propionate
1 vial (100mg/ml 10 ml)

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Testosterone Propionate is usually a quickly behaving ester connected with the male growth hormone. That steroid activity brings about high pertaining in 24-36 hrs, then it slows down. The life of this product lasts to 3 days. Propionate brings about a much lower water retention as compared to cypionate or enanthate, will increase power and muscle mass strength soon after 2-3 days of dosing.

Propionate is normally injected so it is not encouraged to those who are vulnerable to intramuscular needles considering that the needles are usually painful and can worsen the shot site, a fever might take place, so it is not suitable for beginers and fo those who are vulnerable to needles.

The ideal dose throughout adult men is 50-100 mg regular could be given, or a dose of 100-200 mg once in 2 days, yet is indicated for being inserted regular. Move injection sites regular to reduce discomfort.

Unwanted effects act like the male growth hormone esters. The most significant issue connected with consumers is the discomfort connected with repeated injections. It's not  a hepatotoxic steroid. Due to the fact that this is a male growth hormone ester and it is flavored it is indicated to utilize antiestrogens. A great blend would be Provimed that is a great antiestrogenic as well as will help to reinforce muscle groups.

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