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Metandienon ia a powerful andogenic medicine. A dose that has a significant effect is about 15-40 mg , but the optimal dose dpends ont each body. In case is th first tim you are using steroids it is indicated to not exceed the dose of 15-20 mg daily. A good combination for huge muscles is obtained with Nandrolone D, in this case the side effects are minimal than in the case metandienon is used alone. An usual cycle lasts for 8 weeks.

On of th unwanted effects is that this medicine retaines much water in the body system. Metandienon has a life-time in the body for about 3-4 hours, so it is good to take it twice a day so you could keep the concentration in the blood. This medicine is indicated to be taken before meals or right after. This steroid is not hepatotoxic. It is very well to follow a postcycle therapy after the end of the cycle because this steroid reduces a lot testosterone levels in the blood so it is needed to be be raisen.  


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