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Methandienone, most commonly known as Dianabol or “d-bol” in the bodybuilding and fitness industry is an original gangster from way back. Even people who aren’t into bodybuilding or never stepped foot into a gym has heard of this pimp of pimps. This steroid comes in both oral and injectable form but mostly all who use it do so in the oral version. The injectable form of this steroid came out awhile after the oral form. Bodypharm makes injectable Dianabol (methandienone) and is more difficult to find than the oral. It is only powerlifters that I’ve known to use this steroid in its injectable form.

Methandienone injectable from Bodypharm It is a good choice for an athlete when they want to kickstart a cycle due to the effects of the drug working so quickly. It’s also good at the back end of a cycle or to bust through plateaus. Unlike the steroids oral form, the injectable will not be toxic to the liver. When using the oral form of this steroid it is a good idea to take milk thistle tablets to protect the liver. Cycles with methandienone injectable should last no longer than 8 weeks.

Methandienone in injectable form is safe and has no toxic effect on the liver. The first noticeable result after injecting this steroid occurs after 2 -3 weeks of use. Some athletes see noticeable effects just one week after administering this drug. The dosage of methandienone is selected on an individual basis. This takes into account body weight, the purpose of the use of injections, the presence or absence of previous uses of the steroid. To begin with, minimum dosages are introduced with their subsequent gradual increase. On average, the duration of the cycle is 6-8 weeks.

Methandienone is mostly used in bulking cycles due to the fact that when cutting you are trying to get rid of water retention. With Dianabol, you will hold a lot of water. During the off-season or bulking cycle, Dianabol can promote huge amounts of mass but in order to get the maximum results, the user also has to feed their body with the proper nutrients. It is also good to use Dianabol to kickstart any cycle. By kickstarting your cycle with Dianabol, you will get fast and notable gains early on while the other injectable steroids are building up in your system. On average, during a bulking cycle, some users have indicated a gain of twenty-five pounds after an eight-week cycle of Dianabol.

If you don’t use PCT after a Dianabol cycle, then you may face many side effects. because it’s a relatively strong estrogenic anabolic steroid, if you take too much of it or are prone to gynecomastia, you will definitely feel its side effects. in addition to this, Dianabol carries the risk of increasing your blood pressure due to most having a great deal of water retention. any steroid that gives you water retention will raise your blood pressure. during the cycle you should use aromatizing inhibitors, to minimize Dianabol's aromatase activities and how it reacts to the body.


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