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Vitex by Alpha Pharma is the brand name for the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as the active substance. Vitex is manufactured by Alpha Pharma and is offering the highest quality and purity for Human Growth Hormone  HGH which is such an important thing for everyone searching for HGH.

It is very well known that there are a lot of fake HGH compounds sold as a lot of different brands and trade names even fake compounds sold as famous HGH brands. That’s all because HGH is a very expensive product and scammers are trying many different methods to rip people’s money.

This website is ending all of these problems because Alpha Pharma products are offered and this is a pharmaceutical company known for offering the highest quality products only with the highest purity all for very low prices. Alpha Pharma got reputable online for this reason and Vitex is the genuine product that you can obtain from this website as a genuine Alpha Pharma compound.

Vitex is just one of the many brand names of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) but there are many famous brands such as Nordotropin by Novo, Humatrope by Lilly, Saizen by Merck Serono, Genotropin by Pfizer and many others. However, as mentioned earlier, HGH is an extremely pricey compound and the price is one of the biggest problems of HGH. With Vitex by Alpha Pharma, the price problem got solved as Vitex is very low priced. The problem with fake products is also solved as Alpha Pharma offers high-quality products only and our website offers only genuine Alpha Pharma medications.

Growth Hormone (GH) is also known as Somatotropin or Somatropin and in its human form, this is a peptide hormone which is stimulating growth, cell regeneration and cell reproduction in humans and animals.

With this being said, HGH – Human Growth Hormone has surpassed the popularity of nearly any other performance-enhancing drug and steroid as long as talking about the performance and body strength improvement. So, HGH is an extremely widely used and popular compound in the bodybuilding world, being widely used by lots of people all over the world, including IFBB pros.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that is found in Vitex (and lots of other brand/ trade names) is the synthetic Growth Hormone which is responsible, as mentioned, for the growth of new cells, is stimulating cell regeneration as well as cell reproduction and with this being said, is quite obvious that the hormone is very helpful for all health conditions where the body growth process is not proper and for bodybuilders for growing muscles.

Vitex and any other brand names for Somatropin (Somatotropin) – synthetic HGH is used for many different medical conditions, for example for treating Turner’s syndrome, a disorder affecting the development of female children, for children with short stature for their age and many other conditions. It also can be recommended for treating muscle-wasting disease that is associated with HIV / AIDS and many other disorders.

In bodybuilding, the biggest advantage of Somatropin is the fact that the compound can extend the genetic capabilities of the user offering the ability to grow over the genetic maximum. Other than that, the compound is powerful in strengthening joints and ligaments as well as healing damaged tissues.

The hormone is often used for improving athletic performance and building muscles to another level. It is used to build muscles, to reduce body fat, to restore hair growth and improve the immune system as well as to improve blood sugar, sleep quality improvement, improve sex life, visual memory and to generally help with skin health by making wrinkles to disappear, to improve skin elasticity and skin thickness.

HGH is considered the “youth product” and that’s because a lot of elder people using Somatropin products report feeling much younger.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) known as Somatropin or Somatotropin found in Vitex and many other HGH brand/trade names are best administered intravenously as is best absorbed. Vitex and the most famous HGH products come in form of lyophilized powder which should be mixed with a distilled water or is already coming in form of a solution that is meant for injection.

The compound must be used in the refrigerator. This product is used by both females and males, although females should be more careful with this compound and doses are much lower compared to men.

In the end, the recommended dosage of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) found in Vitex is approximately anywhere between 1 up to 5 IU used on a daily basis while administered through a syringe. Doses between 4 up to 8 IUs (or even higher) per day are used by those who search for better body composition and lean muscle growth. Insulin is very recommended to be added with HGH, as well as a low dosage of T3 and testosterone.

The compound is best used once or even twice per day for stable blood levels and the cycle lengths are very long with HGH, anywhere between 4 up to 8 months or even longer (unlike steroids where 4 months is maximum and only with some steroids).


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