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Trenarapid (Trenbolone acetate) Alpha Pharma 10 ampoules of 1ml (1amp 100 mg). Steroid powerful anabolic effect. Originally developed for use in veterinary medicine. Animals were injected to increase appetite and rapidly gain weight. In the original form, the substance is not used. Only derivatives of this substance are used. After entering the blood ether, it dissolves and acts on the body. Has a powerful anabolic effect. Such a positive effect has a lot of negative effects. The steroid has a short elimination period. For this reason, it should be administered every day. The dose of the drug depends on the degree of chemical dependence of the person and the time of administration. Injections make 50 mg. Per day or 100 mg after 2 days. Legal status This steroid drug is prohibited from buying without a prescription for it. It can not be transported or stored in large quantities. You can not produce and sell it yourself. These are criminally punishable acts.

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This drug is 5 times higher than testosterone. Therefore, it has high anabolic activity. The drug has a huge impact on muscle growth and increased strength. If you exceed the dose or increase the course of the steroid side effects are aggravated and can harm the athlete. It became popular because of the lack of flavouring. But there is another side. With improper administration of the drug, large amounts of fluid and gynecomastia can accumulate. It is worth noting that this steroid inhibits the production of bodybuilder guide its own testosterone. This affects the libido and erection in men. Possible atrophy of testicles. The drug is present in the blood for about 5 months. For this reason, it can not be used during drying before the competition.

Pros of the Trenarapid

  • Promotes rapid collection of muscle mass up to 10 kg per month.
  • Increases strength.
  • Helps withstand prolonged workouts with the additional workload.
  • Depending on the individuality of the body reduces or increases the potency. This effect also applies to libido.
  • Increases the production of insulin.
  • Participates directly in burning fat, converting it into energy.
  • Reduces the production of cortisol in the blood.

Disadvantages of the steroid

  • Some athletes are disturbed by sleep insomnia.
  • It is possible to increase blood pressure.
  • Due to an overdose of the steroid, testicular atrophy can occur.
  • Migraine or a minor headache.
  • Manifestation of aggression, irritability.
  • Acne.
  • Changes in the production of sebaceous glands.
  • Hair loss and partial alopecia.
  • Decreased or increased erection and sexual activity.
  • Has a slightly toxic effect on the kidneys and liver.
  • Aromatization is absent.

Side effects can be minimized with the help of additional drugs. They need to be used during the course and after using the steroid for recovery.

The course of the Trenarapid

All the methods described in the literature and reference books should not be taken as a basis. Follow the instructions attached to the drug. It is also worth Trenarapid considering the body weight and various contraindications. Before using a steroid, you should be examined by a sports doctor. The delivery of tests for an allergic reaction is mandatory 2 times per course. The drug of this type has a strong effect and it is important not to exceed the dosage.

  • Each day needs to enter no more than 50 mg.
  • The first application should be done with a minimum dosage.
  • The course should not exceed 8 weeks.
  • It is necessary to carry out restorative therapy 3 days after the last injection.
  • The last week of taking the drug should be taken together with boosters of testosterone.

A positive effect is possible only with the proper application of the steroid and constant monitoring of physical data.


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