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People searching for the most powerful orally active anabolic and androgenic steroids have reached the right place as Tren Tabs is exactly what they need. There are barely any chances that you would find anything more powerful than Tren Tabs manufactured by Alpha Pharma.

Let’s start off by understanding what is Alpha Pharma – this famous pharmaceutical company got famous mainly because of the fact that it offering only high-quality products for very low prices. Numerous positive reviews online prove this. Alpha Pharma is offering steroids that are going to work exactly the same way as they are said to be.

Tren Tabs is a compound manufactured by Alpha Pharma so there’s no need to worry about the quality and you can be sure you pay a very low price. But what exactly is Tren Tabs? The compound might be known as Oral Tren too and the active substance is known as Metribolone also called Methyltrienolone or Methyl Trenbolone.

This powerful steroid was designed for treating advanced breast cancer, like many other steroids, back in the 1960s, but then it was discontinued due to the severity of side effects. Bodybuilders have experimented with it, pretty much as with many other steroids, and discovered it to be extremely powerful.

The compound is not very popular due to its harshness, especially on liver health, however, some people still want to use it. Nonetheless, is important to know – make sure you keep your liver healthy if you plan to get Oral Tren or any Metribolone compound.

Tren Tabs is an extremely effective compound due to its very high purity and quality. The active substance Methyltrienolone or Metribolone is an extremely powerful orally active steroid and great power offers great benefits but has nasty side effects too.

This compound was used in the past, as mentioned, for advanced breast cancer treatment, but then it got discontinued because of the nasty side effects it offers. Nowadays, Methyltrienolone or Methyl Trenbolone found in Tren Tabs product is used only for physique and performance enhancement purposes by powerlifters, bodybuilders and athletes.

This steroid, exactly as Trenbolone or Deca is a Nandrolone derivative and is having the ability to bind extremely well to all tissues. Also, exactly as Trenbolone, this compound is not aromatizing and therefore is not converting into estrogen.

Extremely low doses and extremely short cycle lengths should be attempted. Dianabol like dosages are life-threatening. You need to start at doses of 0.5 mg a day and up to a maximum of 5 mg a day. in fact, doses of 5 mg a day might be way too much for some people. Most would stop at about 2-3 mg daily. Cycle length should not ever exceed 4 weeks. Do not even think about 6-8 weeks because even 4 weeks can be dangerous.

We recommend 0.5 mg a day for 3 weeks. Then 2 mg for 3 weeks. If you can tolerate it, got for 3 mg for 4 weeks. Do not even think about stacking it with other hepatotoxic compounds.


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