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Testosterone Cypionate Bodypharm is a revolutionary drug in the world of bodybuilding. Body-builders usually self-inject this hormone in their body. This drug is usually given to men who have a poor level of; this steroid helps in raising the level of the hormone to normal so that it can produce the same effect as the hormone would naturally do in the body.

Testosterone Cypionate, known to steroid users as just Test C is the synthetic version of the naturally produced testosterone hormone. As we all know, this hormone is responsible for a whole lot in the male body. Testosterone promotes a man’s sex drive, helps with fat loss as well as gaining lean muscle mass, increases bone density and could even help in protecting against heart disease. 

From a performance enhancement perspective, injections of Testosterone Cypionate will increase both muscle mass and strength. Some say this can be achieved far beyond what you can achieve without it. This steroid is both highly androgenic and anabolic and will vastly increase nitrogen in the muscles which result in the storage of more protein. Protein serves as the building block for muscle growth. Another advantage of using Testosterone Cypionate is that it will protect the body from muscle destroying hormones known as glucocorticoid hormones which are extremely catabolic. 

For performance enhancement, injections of Testosterone Cypionate need to be done at least once a week. More experienced or advanced steroid users may inject more often but this greatly depends on their goal and individual tolerance level of this and all steroids. The reason though that this steroid needs to be injected more than once per week is to keep blood levels peaked. Like with most anabolic steroids, the more you take, the better the results you get once the cycle is completed.

With regards to the actual dosages of Testosterone Cypionate from Bodypharm, injections can range anywhere from 200mg per week up to 1,000mg or more per week. The dosage will not be the same for every individual. For direct performance results, it is common for people to inject between 400mg to 600mg per week. This is said to be an effective dose. Another factor to consider when planning the dosages of Testosterone Cypionate per week is the length of your steroid cycle in addition to other steroids (oral and injectable) that are going to be stacked with Test Cypionat.

We always recommend Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after any steroid cycle although there are some who never choose to use PCT. 


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I trust this company and very much trust this product. Cannot go wrong using both.
Not only does this product help my body, but it has a profound impact on my mood. Just awesome.
Quality product body pharm has never let me down however I prefer Test E 250 over the C 200 both do well as long as you're on you game picking stuff up and putting it down ????
Great quality products, fast delivery, and superb customer service.
Body Pharm Test C is one of the best products you can by and use. High quality is guaranteed with quick results
Test C is my all time favorite first product ever used and will do so for many years
Cannot go wrong with this site. Quick and efficient on all orders. The packaging is very discrete.

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