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TestoRapid is an anabolic and androgenic steroid containing Testosterone Propionate and is one of the most widely used forms of testosterone for physique and performance enhancement. This compound is manufactured by Alpha Pharma and this pharma company got a lot of reputation online gaining a lot of positive review as a result of selling very high-quality medications and steroids for very low prices.

Therefore, TestoRapid is a steroid of a high quality offered for a very low price so customers can save money. The compound got the name “Testo” since it offers synthetic testosterone and “Rapid” because is attached with the Propionate ester – the fastest acting ester with the shortest half-life. This means that the compound is building up in your system very fast and rapid. The only testosterone form having a faster release is the Testosterone Suspension that has no attached ester, but the compound is rarely used due to too short a half-life and too frequent injection schedule required.

There are various different forms of Testosterone and based on the esters, people decide which form they require. Despite the fact that Testosterone Propionate is rarely used in medical settings, is one of the most searched for physique and performance enhancement. All testosterone forms are working in the exact same way because the only difference is in the attached ester that is only releasing the compound at a different speed.

But you receive synthetic testosterone that is working no different from the naturally occurring ones. Is a well-known fact that testosterone is extremely important for growing muscles and increasing strength levels. Those who want to get a good physique and enhance their performance, are generally searching for ways to increase testosterone levels.

With TestoRapid by Alpha Pharma, you can do it very fast and very efficiently allowing your body to get to the next level.

TestoRapid, since offers Testosterone Propionate is barely used in medical settings. There are much longer versions for Testosterone and doctors are prescribing longer versions instead. That’s why TestoRapid containing Testosterone Propionate is used mainly in the bodybuilding industry and is used for physique and performance enhancement purposes, mainly in cutting cycles. The compound can be used in bulking cycles too as the compound works the same way as longer-acting testosterone, but usually, shorter ones are used for cutting while longer ones for bulking.

Nonetheless, changing this won’t make a huge mistake. In the end, you receive testosterone which works the same way as the natural one. This means better protein synthesis, more nitrogen retention, more muscles, added strength levels and many other benefits.

You are also going to get enhanced recovery which is important for bodybuilding, increased red blood cells, aids with fat loss by reducing cortisol levels and many others.


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