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Sustamed or Sustandrol is definitely an oily injectable steroid which usually includes several diverse androgenic testosterone esters. It has a long-acting withinside the bloodstream. This kind of anabolic steroid ointment drugs features a higher steroid hormone and anabolic action. This makes use of extra whenever it wants to boost muscle mass. It's got the property associated with flavor, however, the side effects are simpler to bear than with testosterone. It is suggested that after using Sustamed to consider a low dosage of Tamoxifen.

There could be bloating in the body that is not really advantageous when you want to obtain the definition. Unwanted effects can be as acne breakouts, slimy skin, hair thinning, new growth of hair on our bodies.

Sustandrol diminishes testosterone swiftly, as a result, we could utilize Clomed treatment or Tamoxifen withinside the completing routine. Sustamed stays in the bloodstream for 30 days following the last injection.

Even though mixed up in blood vessels, is actually administered every single 10 days, the suitable dosage of 250 mg every single 10 days up to 1000 milligrams weekly. It isn't recommended to use higher amounts as compared to optimum dosage since the unwanted effects could be more pronounced compared to the muscle benefits.


My favourite one.Works fine.So good for trt.
great convent packed with four different esters
Perfecto!! Gran producto

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