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SP Supertest 450 is one of the finest testosterone boosters on the market. Workout enthusiasts everywhere now demand it because Super Test is designed to help them build muscle mass, improve strength, support an already healthy sex drive, help detoxify their system, and maintain their bodies for optimum fitness and health.

Each ml of SP Supertest 450 contains:

32 mg per ml of testosterone acetate
147 mg per ml of testosterone decanoate
73 mg per ml of testosterone propionate
73 mg per ml of testosterone phenylpropionate
125 mg per ml of testosterone cypionate

Supertest 450 is an injectable preparation containing five testosterone esters. It contains testosterone with an ester, and contrary to popular belief, the design of this injectable will maintain a high release of testosterone for a long period. Clearly, the Supertest 450 we see today is not the basic testosterone water design used in the 1940s. And since the Supertest 450 will not leave the circulation in a matter of hours, it's obviously useful.

Among bodybuilders, the Supertest 450 is known to be an extremely powerful mass agent. Supertest 450 is often ranked as the most powerful injectable steroid available, resulting in an incredibly rapid increase in muscle mass and strength. This is largely due to the very long action of the Supertest 450 since the oil-based steroid will begin to enter the bloodstream almost immediately after administration of an injection. Unlike the rapid esters that take a few days to blood levels to reach maximum therapeutic levels, with the Supertest 450 is a matter of weeks. Clearly, the anabolic effect of this testosterone will be realized much more than you would expect with a water-based (non-esterified) preparation. It is also important to remember that 100 mg of a testosterone ester (as in Supertest 450) is not equivalent to 100 mg of pure testosterone. When an ester is present, its weight is obviously included in the milligram total of the preparation. Looking at SP Enanthate, 100 mg of this compound equates to only 72 mg of pure testosterone. So the bodybuilder who uses 400 mg of TestaPlex E 250 weekly is actually getting about 288 mg of testosterone in his body every week. This is clearly a large increase over the male endogenous level of testosterone, which is in the range of 2.5 to 11 mg per day. But the general point is that during a Supertest 450 cycle, we will often see a much more dramatic consumption of Testosterone, on average, than is normally used with the waters.


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