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SP Oral Tren or Methyltrenbolone is a highly potent steroid that’s popular for its ability to promote the formation of significant mass gains in a very short time. 

With oral Trenbolone, there can be massive protein synthesis and also fat loss. It is considered to be a potent steroid and capable of creating dangerous side effects too. Besides gaining lean muscles with the help of this steroid, you can also benefit your bones and joints. Usually, trenbolone is available in injection form. However, its oral version is also available these days. The oral trenbolone is sold under the name of Metribolone.

Oral Trenbolone is more easily soluble in our body because its carbon esters are lying in the second position. Therefore, it can strongly bind with androgen receptors. Nitrogen intake in muscles can increase the production and effectiveness of IGF-1.

Due to this reason, oral trenbolone is a much more effective supplement for athletes, who are interested in muscle gain and endurance and helps in reducing fat. It can also help in healing joint and ligament much faster.

Users of Trenbolone take this drug in cycles and the same is the case with oral trenbolone too, which is available as an SP Oral Treb. During the SP Oral Tren cycle dosage of 0.5mg to 2 mg is quite sufficient as the drug is quite potent. Its cycle can be stacked with any other steroids or it can be taken alone too.

Like any other steroid, the Trenbolone can also be stacked with Testosterone and the cycle may continue for 6 to 12 weeks. After that, you have to be off-cycle for a little more than a month so that you can cope up with any side effects of trenbolone.

As we know most of the steroids usually cause estrogen effect like Gynecomastia however this oral steroid and its other derivative does not cause so. There can be little suppression of natural production of testosterone however during the off-cycle it will also get reversed.


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