Black Friday 2022 on Realroids


BLACK FRIDAY 2022 on Realroids with discounts like you've never seen before!!!

I Part: Promo code: black2022

  • 45% discount  - for orders from 1000$
  • 35% discount  - for orders from 500$ up to 1000$
  • 25% discount  - for orders from 100$ up to 500$

The promotion is available on all products in stock for these products brands: Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratory, BodyPharm, Zerox PharmaceuticalsMagnum LaboratoriesGenetic Pharmaceuticals, Ice Pharmaceuticals, Stealth products, Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, British Dragon, Axio labs and Sciroxx Labs (the bulk prices are not included)

If you place a minimum order of 200$ for these products (Ice, Zerox, Magnum or Genetic), you will receive a FREE T-shirt.

II Part: Promo code: black20

20% discount for the rest products including US Domestic: Hilma, Driada, Dragon, Ultima, Beligas, and others.

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