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10 x 1ml amp (250 mg/ml)

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NandroBolin is the injectable formula of the hormone Nandrolone Decanoate. It is produced by Alpha-Pharma Healthcare.

NandroBolin has decanoate ester attached with it that gradually releases the Nandrolone hormone in the body after being injected into the body. Two injections per week are sufficient to maintain the compound’s level steady in the blood. Athletes who are frequently tested must rigorously avoid taking this steroid as it remains in the body for an extended period of time. If you want the steroid that vanishes from the body rather quickly then you should use Durabolin. Deca 250 is enormously popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Taking a higher dose can result in the conversion of the compound into estrogen that can cause some severe estrogenic side effects. Prior studies and researches have shown that NandroBolin is extremely efficient for both cutting and bulking cycle. You can get substantial gains in both the cycle by taking appropriate doses. You can combine it with testosterone if you want to get huge muscle mass and power. If you want to attain a highly ripped and toned physique, you should combine NandroBolin with Winstrol or Deca. This combination is perfect for the cutting cycle.

If you are hypersensitive to steroids, you can take NandroBolin with Cabaser or Dostinex to condense its effects. Higher doses of NandroBolin can result in androgenic and higher estrogenic side effects. So, you should always consume appropriate doses without exceeding the limit.

Side Effects

Due to conversion to estrogen, the possibility of estrogenic side effects is high. These side effects include fluid retention and gynecomastia condition. Clomid or Nolvadex should be taken to avoid estrogenic side effects. Androgenic side effects include aggressive behaviour, oily face and skin, and hair loss problem. The natural production of testosterone is also suppressed so you should take post cycle therapy.


Normal dose for men = 400mg to 600mg per week

Normal dose for females = 50mg to 100mg per week

Cycle Duration = 8 to 12 weeks


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