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Masteron 100 from Bodypharm is one of the less talked about anabolic steroids. It is known as Drostanolone. Masteron was sold under different names including Metormon, Masteril, and Drolban.

Like most anabolic steroids, it was first used to help treat women suffering from inoperable breast cancer. It also became popular among bodybuilders as a cutting agent to eliminate body fat.

Masteron is an effective anabolic steroid used during cutting cycles, it carries a low androgenic rating, however, it is five times more potent than testosterone.

During a cutting cycle, most men are looking to achieve hard and vascular muscle, this is what Masteron delivers, more so than other cutting steroids.

Taking Masteron 100 from Bodypharm has almost no effect on increasing muscle mass. It is only used by athletes during a cutting cycle. What Masteron will do is help increase strength, which can be useful for athletes who want to increase athletic performance without gaining additional muscle.

While Masteron is a very effective cutting steroid, it does not work like Winstrol or Anadrol. The benefits of Masteron will only be seen by bodybuilders who are already lean. This is why this steroid is used by bodybuilders at the end of their cutting cycle.

Since Masteron decreases estrogen in your body, it makes it a steroid that can be stacked with other anabolic steroids. Many bodybuilders will stack Masteron with Anadrol, Deca, DBol, and Testosterone.


So you might be recommended to take it either twice a week or on alternate days depending on your body's condition and requirements. For best results, you must take around 350 to 500 mg of Masteron in a week, but if for some reason you want to take the least amount of this steroid, still you must take at least 200 to 300mg per week for achieving your goals.


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