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Mastaplex 100: Elimination of estrogen effects


It is an effective androgenic anabolic steroid and it is a synthetic version of dihydrotesosterone so it does not cause any water retention after use. It also contains Masteron which was primarily designed for the treatment of breast cancer patients. It has also become a useful product for the community of power sports persons for the performance enhancement property.

Uses: It has been successfully used for breast cancer treatments by inhibiting estrogen production. It has been used in hormone replacement therapy also. It has been effectively used by the community of strength sports persons. Especially for the athletes and the bodybuilders a definite enhancement in performance has been noted. It has been known to improve the muscle quality before competition.


It displays a potent and androgenic effect which is responsible for muscle density and hardness. It also creates a positive nitrogen balance in muscle cells to accelerate protein synthesis. As it does not aromatize in any dose so it cannot be converted to estrogen. In the process the estrogen related water retention is eliminated. It usefully combines the fast acting propionate form with longer acting enanthate form.

Dose and cycles

In the case of strength sportspersons, the standard dose is between 300 to 400mg per week for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. This is the general dose but it can be split into two divisions as per the recommendation of the specialist. In the case of treatment of breast cancer for females, the dose is 100mgb thrice per week for 8 to 12 weeks. For female athletes should take 50mg per week for 4 to 6 weeks. Neither the male or female strength sports persons should not entertain overdose expecting greater results. The dose range should be monitored in the case of female strength sports persons because of sensitivity.

Mode of functioning

In the case of the muscle tightening effects and muscular development, the product enables the body to maintain a positive nitrogen balance. In the process, the protein synthesis is accelerated. The muscles tissues grow rapidly after absorbing adequate protein. As this is a synthetic version of testosterone it increases the production of the red blood cells and the flow of oxygen becomes uniform in the bloodstream and the physical endurance increases. In the case of treatment of breast cancer, it has been seen that an appropriate dose is given otherwise there may be a possibility of virilization. In the case of the strength persons, the dose has to be maintained strictly as recommended by the specialist. The specialist will check the medical conditions to find whether the product will be liver-friendly. The anti-estrogen property works effectively in the case of muscle development and hormonal therapy.


 The specialists the list of existing medications being taken. Generally, it is not wise to have cough syrup and products of genre Clomid should not be taken when this product is taken.


It has been found to be quite effective in the pre-competition preparation period. It has been found to provide considerable tightening effects to the muscles. It makes the strength sports person stage fit. It stimulates vigour and improves the physical conditions of strength for sports persons. In the case, if it is used in combination with aromatizable androgen the good strength sports results can be obtained. It has been found to be effective in the case of female breast cancer but the dose has to be rightly monitored.


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