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10 x 1ml amp (250 mg/ml)
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Induject-250 Ampoules are the Ampoules that comprises of Sustanon 250. It was produced by Alpha Pharma Healthcare. It is a blend of 4 different testosterone esters. These esters are propionate, phenyl propionate, isocaproate and decanoate. These esters are the main reason why Induject-250 steroid is extremely effective and efficient. It increases the nitrogen retention course in the body. Due to this, more volume of nitrogen in muscles is retained and the muscles become capable enough to absorb a higher capacity of protein in them and look hard. Induject-250 is the best choice for both the bulking well as cutting season. It persists in the body for a very long period of time due to which it is extremely operative in the body for a long time. You are not mandatory to take multiple injections to keep its level stable in the blood.

Induject-250 is capable of being stacked with almost any steroid. The actions of Induject-250 are quite parallel to the actions of testosterone. It boosts muscle growth as well as the fat loss process by increasing the metabolic rate. Athletes and bodybuilders, during their bulking season, can mix it with either Anadrol, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, or Trenbolone to get maximum result. The enlargements in muscles achieved by using Induject-250 are long term and of great quality.

For achieving the maximum outcomes in the cutting cycle, you can stack Induject-250 with either Winstrol or Trenbolone. You should follow a proper diet to achieve the maximum benefits. Without the proper diet, results won’t be good.

Side Effects

The side effects of Induject-250 are the same as the side effects of testosterone. These side effects include gynecomastia and water retention in the body. There are other side effects also which include acne, oily skin, nausea, diarrhea, aggressive nature, decreased libido and hair loss problem. Nolvadex or Exemestane must be taken to avoid estrogenic side effects.

Dose Recommendations

The recommended dose of Induject-250 is 250mg to per week. Sometimes, the required results can be achieved even at lower doses.


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