Equipoise Boldenona-E
1 vial (200mg/ml 10 ml)

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Equipoise is actually a type of testosterone, this is a powerful and a poor androgenic. Equipoise is equally anabolic like testosterone nonetheless it is lesser androgenic than testosterone, for that reason sportmen gain a smaller amount of muscle mass than with testosterone.

That steroid boosts the volume of red bloodstream tissues a lot more than some other steroids, this steroid is extremely popular between  sportmen because this is a powerful muscle tissue constructor yet produce better strength.

Generally, negative effects are moderate, the steroid carries a low affinity to  alter into estrogen.

Androgenic in addition to estrogenic negative effects are feasible only in substantial dosages. Even though this is a steroid that will get uncomfortable side effects connected with testosterone, that indicates the employment of Clomed or even Tamoxifen after finishing the particular cycle, in the event the cycle is of an extended period of time.

Fifty percent of life is extremely good on account of the idea that slowly develops muscle mass connected with high class, however the particular cycle with this steroid lasts at least 12 months to get the ideal result.

Optimum measure will be 200-600 mg each week. This ideal measure is indicated as six-hundred mg each week. Taking into consideration that it is unpleasant being injected regularly is usually given about every two days.


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