Muscle growth and Muscle Development

Everyone wants to gain muscle mass as fast as possible. The speed of muscle gaining is determined by each's genetics. And you can't reach this maximum without following bodybuilding's principles. You have to correctly execute your exercises, to use adequate weights, to apply the needed intensity and recovery periods. Also, a big attention should be payed to what you eat and to your sleep program. These are the bases of bodybuilding.

How does it works?

When you are weight lifting, you injure your muscles on purpose, so you create micro traumas on the muscular tissue level. The body responds on this by repairing the muscles with even more bigger and stronger muscular fibers. In time, this leads to muscle mass gains.

The workout technique for muscle mass

Lift the weights slow and smoothly, without any abrupt jolts, making a full movement of the exercise you're executing. Get down the weights as slow as you lifted them. You have to continue it till the final exhaustion of the muscle, because the result will be more visible this way.

Adequate weights

If you can't do 8 times an exercise, then the weights you use are too big, if you can do 13 times the exercise before totally get tired, then the weights are too small. If you use small weights and lots of repeats, you will increase your resistance, not muscular mass. Big weights increase your mass and your force.

Exercises for fast muscle mass gains

Concentrate on exercises that imply the big muscles of the body. The basic exercises are: squats, pushing weights from chest, traction, leg press etc. Work all your muscle groups: feet, chest, back, shoulders, arms. Every group is important, you can't work one and neglect another. Use various exercises, and don't create a daily routine.

Outside the gym

Muscle mass increase means to alternate workout periods with recovery periods. Rest for 2-3 minutes before another set of exercises in the gym and for 48 hours before another workout. 3 workouts per week are sufficient at the beginnings. Sleep 8 hours per night and have a balanced diet, containing proteins, vitamins, minerals and less fast food, sweets and fried. This way, your body will have the needed material to build muscles.