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Alphabolin from Alpha-Pharma is an effective steroid injecting drug that is used in bodybuilding for cutting cycles, which is the main purpose of this steroid. At the heart of the drug Alphabolin, the active ingredient is methenolone enanthate. This active substance is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone most powerful endogenous androgen, which is present in the male body. Such chemical features of methenolone allowed to exclude its conversion into estrogen. Therefore,  it is advisable to buy the alpha-alpha line from the alpha pharma only for the reason that using this drug, you will not encounter gynecomastia or fluid retention and increased pressure. In the bodybuilding community, many experienced athletes prefer to purchase Alphabolin from Alpha Pharma for use directly on drying cycles, when they are faced with the task of not increasing muscle mass, but maintaining the maximum percentage of dry muscles in the process of forming muscle definition. Significantly less frequently on the market may be an injectable form of acetate with a short “half-life” period, however, methenolone in injections is more often referred to as prolonged steroids. The price of Alphabolin from Alpha – Pharma and other injectable forms of the drug is often less than the cost of methenolone tablets.

Effects due to the use of Alphabolin

  • The best efficacy of Alphabolin Alpha-Pharma is manifested in the work cycle on the definition of the muscles (helps to protect the dry muscle from catabolism along with the pronounced fat-burning effect).
  • Not expressed androgenic properties (44% from testosterone) allow application of preparation by women in critical bench the sports purposes, without fears of androgenic side effects.
  • The absence of conversion to estrogen, insignificant depression of own testosterone, and also the absence of toxic influence on a liver allow ranking a preparation as the safest means of sports pharmacology.
  • Is a powerful anti-catabolic, and also promotes the growth of strength and the acceleration of metabolism.

Basics of use in sports

Anabolic preparation Primobolan Depot for sale, based on methenolone enanthate, is best used during the drying cycle, allowing to protect the muscles from catabolic processes and contributing to the burning of fatty deposits, whereby the relief muscles are achieved. The drug Alphabolin is injected into the body through injections, which are done once a week (400 mg), which is due to the fact that the drug Alphabolin is a steroid of a prolonged nature with a half-life of 7 days. The cycle itself lasts no more than two months (8 weeks), which is often quite enough for the drug to show its worth. After 3 weeks of leaving the course, it will be necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy, which is carried out on the basis of general principles and rules of PCT. The drug Alphabolin with reasonable use rarely leads to the development of any adverse reactions. To achieve a more pronounced performance, it is possible to share Alphabolin with other anabolic drugs. So, to build quality muscles, it is optimal to combine Alphabolin with a deca, Sustanon, methane and testosterone, and to improve the definition of muscles – with Winstrol (Stanozolol).


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