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Alphabolin is the injectable version of the steroid Methenolone Enanthate and, although it produces a weaker effect than Deca-Durabolin it is a very good basic steroid whose effects are predominantly anabolic. The fact that an Enanthate ester is added to this steroid enables a slow and gradual release from the injection site. This addition allows for a longer half-life of approx 14 days (similar to Testosterone Enanthate) although most athletes prefer to administer it on a weekly basis.

Methenolone Enanthate’s popularity stems from the fact that it is the only steroid that seems to work well on a low-calorie diet (making it a pre-contest drug of choice) and side effects are rarely a problem since it is relatively non-toxic, low in androgens and it does not convert to estrogen (aromatize) therefore estrogen related side effects are not an issue. In addition to this, it seems to have a positive effect on the immune system (thus its popular use in Aids patients) and the fact that it adds primarily lean mass leads to a strengthening of the whole body system.

It has to be said that Alphabolin does have its side effects including light acne, deepening voice and increased hair growth (these effects resulting from the androgenic residual effect). However, it displays low liver toxicity and usually has little effect on blood pressure and cholesterol, which makes it one of the safest injectable anabolic steroids. It is also worth pointing out that the bodies own testosterone production is only reduced when high dosages are taken for prolonged periods.

Speaking of dosages, the ‘safe’ dosage for men is 100-200 mg per week although some bodybuilders have been known to go as high as 600 mg/week (and even 800 mg). Androgenic effects are inevitably higher at this rate but are usually tolerable. A better option is to stack Alphabolin with stronger steroids in order to enhance the effect. Primo, Sustanon 250 and Dianabol is one such stack, which will produce rapid gains. Another example is Primo 200 mg/week and Deca-Durabolin 200-400 mg/week or Primo with Winstrol Depot 200-400 mg/week. Although adding additional compounds can increase side effects, Primobolan does tend to lessen the harshness of the more heavy-duty steroids (e.g. all the testosterones) when added to a cycle.

Female athletes can get good results from 100-200 mg a week and 50 mg of Winstrol Depot can be added (although virilization problems may occur in sensitive individuals). A safer option would probably be 100 mg Alphabolin with 7.5mg Oxandrolone (or Winstrol oral - 10 mg), which represents a cautious dose for those seeking to experiment with anabolics. All in all, when you consider the fact that Alphabolin is the only steroid that works on a low-calorie diet, build lean mass, adds hardness and tone AND positively affects the immune system it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular steroids on the market and has gained something of a ‘cult following over the years.


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