HGH Steroid Cycle




A steroid cycle is a well planned usage of steroids or mix of steroids during a defined term. By steroid cycle, we understand the usage of steroids and HGH for a certain period of time. In every source it is indicated to take steroids and HGH for several weeks. There are lots of variants of such cycles. Optimal dosages and dosage schemes are also usually described. 

Steroids and HGH are used for increasing the benefits. More, some of this steroids help to develop muscle mass; others help to improve the quality of muscular mass and help to prevent some side effects. There are such products that are mostly used at the beginning of a course; others just at the end of it. 

Cycles are categorized, depending on certain aspects. There are courses recommended only for men, because they can cause serious secondary effects in women. There are courses only for novices, because using cycles for more advanced may be harmful for those who have never taken steroids. That's why every new user has to be extremely cautious when making his choice. 

Be careful when making combinations of powerful steroids during a HGH-steroid course, because may occur serious side effects. More, if you have never used any steroids, you don't know what reaction will your body have. That's why, you should initially use small doses and observe if any changes will occur. This could help you preventing serious health problems. 

A HGH-steroid cycle recommended for advanced steroid users can be found in the table below.


 Week HGH
(every day) 

(mg/each other day)  

(mg / week) 
   (mg/each day)
1 4iu - 500 - -
2 4iu 250 500 - -
3 4iu 250 500 - -
4 4iu 250 500 - -
5 4iu 250 500 - -
6 4iu 250 500 - -
7 4iu 250 500 - -
8 4iu 250 500 - -
9 4iu 250 500 - -
10 4iu 250 500 50 -
11 4iu 250 500 50 -
12 4iu 250 500 50 -
13 4iu 50 -
14 4iu 50 -
15 4iu 50 -
16 4iu - 300 (1. day of this week)
100 (each subsequent day of the week)
17 4iu - 100
18 4iu - 100
19 4iu - 100
20 4iu - -


We will explain how HGH is administered during this HGH-steroid course. You have to utilize 4 iu of this product (every day) for 6 days in every week. Therefore, you don't have to administer this preparation on each 7th day of every week during the entire cycle. It is also advisable to use 0,25 mg of Liquidex daily, 10-20 mg of Nolvadex per day and 200 mg of vitamin B-6 also every day. It is substantial to notice that this cycle strictly can't be applied by newbies.

Some sources claim that the usage of HGH alone will not produce essential gains of muscle mass and strength. It has to be administered in combination with steroids. It is also essential to use the indicated daily dosages.

Before starting a HGH-steroid cycle, you have to be sure that you have sufficient funds to purchase the needed amount of HGH, because this medication it's a bit expensive.

More, it is necessary to have a well planed exercise program and diet, when using HGH and other performance-enhancing drugs. Don't forget that cycles are just ways to achieve goals related to you appearance and performance!